Stop Sliding Down Your Triangle Foam Wedge

Stop Sliding Down Your Triangle Foam Wedge 

Were you so excited to start sleeping on your triangle foam wedge, only to find out that you kept sliding down it during the night? Let’s learn how to stop sliding down your foam triangle, so you can get the sleep your body needs!

Why you slide down your triangle foam wedge

If you were to drop a ball onto the highest part of your triangle foam pillow, it would roll down the wedge, right? This is because of the effects of gravity on the ball. The effects of gravity on your body are similar, the difference is, your body is not completely round (hopefully!). Because your body is not completely round, you won’t roll completely down your wedge pillow, but you may slide down it a little bit!

This can be a difficult thing for some people to navigate, and it can lead to frustration, discomfort, and loss of sleep. However, you can position yourself in ways to avoid sliding and in turn, maximize your foam triangle pillow experience!

How to stop sliding down your foam triangle

Anytime you introduce an angle (via a foam triangle) to your sleep position, gravity will want to slide you down. Your job is to outsmart gravity by using… you guessed it! Smarter positioning!

When lying on a triangle foam wedge, your head should be resting on a neck pillow. By placing a neck pillow on top of your wedge pillow, you align your spine correctly. Another helpful positioning tip is that your glutes should be resting against the mattress so that the bend in your hips occurs at the base of the pillow.

The most important tip for preventing your body from sliding down your triangle foam wedge is this: use a knee wedge pillow. When you use a knee wedge pillow, it counteracts the downward gravitational pull on your body from the foam triangle. The knee wedge pillow essentially cradles your body and re-aligns the gravitational forces so your body stays put.

This position is optimal for several reasons. First, it aligns your spine perfectly. Second, it allows the hips to be the anchor point for the rest of the body which ensures comfort and helps prevent sliding during the night. And finally, it counteracts the downward gravitational pull on your body which prevents it from sliding down the wedge.

Know all your options

Did you know that there is a triangle foam wedge made especially for side sleepers? If you enjoy sleeping on your side, but need to sleep on an incline, this is a great option for you. The contoured nature of this pillow also allows you to be in a comfortable position that minimizes movement and increases comfort.

These are the only two positions recommended for incline sleeping, so you can know that we have all your bases covered. Maximize your positioning with a triangle foam wedge, tonight!

-Bryan Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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