Our Story

Wedge Pillow Solutions Founders Bryan and Hillary

Why We Started

We know that supporting your body correctly is life changing. We also know that in general, people aren’t aware of simple, supportive, solutions that decrease pain, increase comfort, and empower them to live better. That’s where we want to help you.

Doctors of Physical Therapy 

Our founders, Doctors of Physical Therapy Bryan and Hillary, realized that a major contributor to their patient’s pain was improper positioning. During treatments in the clinic, patients would often ask if certain products or pillows “worked.” Most times, the products people brought in after purchasing positioned them incorrectly. Bryan and Hillary knew that if their patients were asking these questions, so were a lot of you. They wanted to create a place that anyone could go to know, with confidence, they were purchasing a tool that had their body’s best interest at heart.

Wedge Pillow Solutions Founder, Bryan

The start of something new

Thus, the birth of Wedge Pillow Solutions. Bryan and Hillary knew that with their expertise in body mechanics and ergonomics, they could evaluate products and know with confidence which ones worked and didn’t work. They could then help you navigate which products will best help you reach your goals.

Each product that we offer has been tested and evaluated by experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy. With a thorough knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and physiology, we can say with confidence, the products we offer are carefully crafted with your body in mind.

Wedge Pillow Solutions Founder, Hillary

We want to help you

We went into the field of physical therapy so that we could help our patients live better. Now, we get to help you find what you need, so your life looks exactly how you want it to. We believe being comfortable isn’t optional, it’s essential to your health, well-being, and vitality. Let us help you feel empowered over your comfort because after all...your life is waiting.