A High Density Foam Wedge Isn't Always Firm

A High Density Foam Wedge Isn't Always Firm 

So, here we are. You bought a foam wedge pillow for additional support while you slept. However, it wasn’t long before your wedge got squished, misshapen, and all the reasons you purchased it suddenly began to disappear. It was no longer doing its job and that made it completely useless to you. You start looking for a high density foam wedge, but is that really what you need?

What is foam density?

According to the experts at Foam Online, there is no correlation between foam density and foam firmness. For instance, they teach that “a low-density foam can be firm, and a high-density foam can be soft.” So, while foam density doesn’t have anything to do with a foam’s firmness, it is directly related to the quality and resilience of the foam. The higher the foam density, the more foam is used per cubic foot, and the better the overall quality of the product.

What is foam firmness?

Foam firmness refers to the amount a foam compresses when pressure is applied to it. This is calculated by compressing the foam with a circular disk. The more weight required to reach a target compression percentage, the firmer the foam. This number has no relation to a foam’s quality or durability.

Do I need a high density foam wedge?

When deciding if you need a high density foam wedge, first consider your personal weight. The more someone weighs, the denser and thicker a foam wedge they require. The lighter a person is, the less dense and thick of a foam wedge they need.

For example, doctors suggest that a person with acid reflux or GERD should sleep on a 7-inch tall acid reflux wedge in order to combat heartburn symptoms. This means that a person whose BMI falls in the normal range will be able to combat the symptoms of reflux with a 7 inch wedge pillow.

However, a person with a heavier torso or higher BMI may require a 10 or 12 inch wedge pillow to achieve the same amount of support. This is because the heavier a person is, the more their body compresses the wedge pillow.

So what should I look for in a wedge pillow?

The most comfortable, cost effective, and practical wedge pillow is one that is made with a firm, polyurethane base and topped with a memory foam topper.

Let me explain:

Memory foam is a high density foam with excellent quality and durability. It is also one of the most expensive foams. A wedge pillow topped with memory foam offers maximum comfort and durability to the user, who will be lying down on the memory foam portion of the wedge.

Additionally, the firm polyurethane foam base gives you the firmness needed for proper support and durability, while making the wedge pillow affordable. It is the best of both worlds, where affordability and comfort collide.

A high density foam wedge may be just what you need to help you sleep. And now that you know the difference between foam density and firmness, you know just what to look for.

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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