Bed Wedges for Elderly Can Help With Transfers

Bed Wedges for Elderly Can Help With Transfers 

Did you know that an incline pillow can help someone get into and out of bed? Bed wedges for elderly not only improve comfort while sleeping, but also assist with transfers.

Wedge pillow for elderly; why it helps

Getting in and out of bed involves a fair amount of strength and mobility to perform. Injury, surgery, or strength decline can make this task challenging. No one wants to feel like they can't get into and out of bed. Sometimes, all it takes is a little help from a positioning wedge!

A pillow wedge for bed is a tool that helps with bed transfers. Sleeping at a slight incline gives your muscles the positional advantage when you go to get out of bed in the morning. It is much easier to sit up when you are starting in a reclined position! 

Bed wedge for elderly; what to look for

A wedge pillow for elderly, or other loved one who needs assistance, should be at least 7 inches high. A 10 inch or 12 inch sleep wedge may be needed if your loved one has breathing difficulties while sleeping, is significantly overweight, or if you believe the additional height would help them with transfers.

It is also important that bed wedges for elderly are topped with memory foam. This offers the most comfort. The wedge pillow should also be made of a firm polyurethane base so it maintains its shape overtime.

How a knee wedge pillow can help

An additional wedge pillow you may consider for your loved one is a knee wedge pillow. Propping legs on a knee wedge pillow can decrease lower extremity swelling and improve circulation. Elevating the legs gives the heart a break by making it easier for blood to flow back to the heart.

A knee wedge pillow also decreases low back pain and stiffness. Propping legs on a wedge pillow eliminates the arch in your low back when lying flat. This arch often causes people to wake up stiff and sore.

When a triangle wedge pillow is used in combination with a knee wedge pillow, you can rest assured that your loved one will wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to start the day.

A pillow wedge for bed can be helpful for anyone, but especially for someone who you know is having difficulty getting in and out of their bed!

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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