The New Design of Our Back Support Wedge is Here!

The New Design of Our Back Support Wedge is Here! 

Finally, a wedge support pillow that was designed with you in mind! Keep reading to learn how this lumbar wedge pillow can help you sleep without back pain.

Why side sleepers should use a wedge support pillow

Why is sleeping without a back support wedge so uncomfortable? It's because you are leaving the spinal region that lies between the bottom of your ribcage and the top of your hip bone completely unsupported. This causes your spine to bend all night and is not comfortable or good for your back.

Additionally, when lying  your side without supporting your leg and hip, you place even more tension on your back. The gradual slope from the outside of your hip down to your feet places strain on your back and hips. 

How a back support wedge works

This newly designed, newly released, wedge pillow for lower back pain contours to you. The outside of your hip will rest on 1” of plush memory foam. The lumbar wedge gradually slopes upward, filling in the curvature of your waist. It levels out on top where you need the most support, and then slopes downward to match the contour of your ribcage.

This unique back support wedge ensures your spine is straight all night. Once it is supporting your spine, you will feel immediate relief in your back. This will lead to waking up with significantly less stiffness and soreness in your back. The long-term benefits of sleeping with your spine supported correctly are immeasurable. 

An additional back support wedge for side sleepers

A key component for a wedge pillow for back support is a leg separator pillow . A well-designed and carefully crafted leg separator pillow supports the weight of your hip, leg, and foot, so your back does not have to. It corrects the unwanted pull on your back and hips caused by the weight of your legs.

Supporting your leg with a leg separator pillow and supporting your spine with a side sleeper wedge ensures your back is completely at rest. You will sleep better when your back is completely relaxed.

Wedge for lower back pain for back sleepers

If you are a back sleeper looking for a wedge support pillow to relieve back pain, look for a knee wedge pillow to prop your legs on while you sleep. The knee wedge should be at least 8’’ high and topped with memory foam. 

Placing a knee wedge pillow under your legs removes the arch in your spine that often occurs when lying flat. Lying flat with an arch in your lower back can lead to stiffness and pain in the morning. 

Using a back support wedge for your spine allows you to sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed each the morning!

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