The Best Leg Elevation Pillow for Circulation

The Best Leg Elevation Pillow for Circulation 

A leg elevation pillow for circulation can be used to increase circulation throughout your entire body. But to improve circulation, you’ve got to have the right pillow, AND be using it correctly.

Correctly positioning a pillow for leg circulation

When it comes to decreasing swelling and increasing blood flow in the lower body, a leg elevation pillow for circulation is a tool you need. When looking for a pillow to improve leg circulation, it is essential to get one that is the right size. Once you get a leg elevation pillow that is the right size, you’ve got to know how to position it correctly. Here is how you master the art of leg elevation pillow size and positioning. 

First, the pillow should run from your gluteal fold to your Achilles tendon. Your gluteal fold is the horizontal line that forms at the base of your buttocks and the top of your upper thigh. It is important that your leg elevation pillow starts at this fold so that your entire leg is supported.

The leg pillow should then extend all the way to your Achilles tendon and stop just short of the heel. The heel should be hanging off the end of the pillow. This positioning element improves the overall comfort of the leg elevation pillow. You don’t want the contours of your ankle and heel mashing up against the leg wedge, so keep your heel hanging off.

Second, the contours of a leg elevation pillow need to align with the center of the knee joint and the Achilles tendon. This alignment will broaden the surface area of bodily contact with the pillow. The more area of your body that is in contact with the pillow means the less pressure you will have on any one area of your legs. This improves overall comfort, especially if you have any pressure points in your legs.

Third, the pillow shape should be such that the foot is resting at the highest point of the pillow. This position maximizes gravity’s ability to assist the return of blood flow back to the heart. When you enlist gravity to help improve blood flow, your veins thanks you for the break!

Sizing a leg elevation pillow for circulation

When determining what size leg circulation pillow you need, measure from your gluteal fold to your Achilles tendon. Then, compare that length to the length of the leg elevation pillow you are looking at. This can give you a general guideline for how long a pillow you are looking for.

At Wedge Pillow Solutions, we carry two lengths of leg elevation pillows so we can accommodate all lengths of legs! We have an exact sizing guide for our contoured leg elevation pillow. This is so you can be sure that you are ordering the correct size leg wedge pillow for your legs!

A leg elevation pillow for circulation should also have a minimum height of 4 inches. This is an adequate height to ensure that there will be enough angle to properly help with circulation. Four inches is the minimal height, leg wedges that are higher are great too!

Get a pillow for leg circulation made of high quality foam

If you are going to buy a leg circulation pillow, get one made with high quality foam. High end foams don't break down over time. They also offers your legs great support while you elevate.

Not only are high quality foams supportive, they are comfortable! If you get a foam that naturally conforms to your body, you don’t have to worry about whether you are maximizing support and comfort because….you ARE!

Now, when you look for a leg elevation pillow for circulation, you know what length it should be, how it should be positioned, and what quality to look for so that your pillow works the most effectively!

-Bryan Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy


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