Pillowcase for Wedge Pillow: A Must Have Accessory

Pillowcase for Wedge Pillow: A Must Have Accessory 

I love my wedge pillow but sometimes, it can get a little dirty. I have been looking for something to cover it and have finally found the perfect thing!

Why have a pillowcase for wedge pillow?

Before using a bed wedge pillow case, if something got on my pillow I would have to take the zipper cover off and wash it. While this is doable, it is a little more difficult and time consuming. Additionally, I do not like to use my wedge pillow if the zipper cover is not on. This means I wouldn't be able to use my wedge again until the zipper cover was washed, dried, and put back on. And lets be honest, that can take a while in my laundry-filled house. 

This is when I discovered that a wedge pillow case is a must have accessory for any wedge pillow. The tightly fitting, triangle pillow case fits on top of the zippered bed wedge pillow cover. The pillowcase not only protects the zipper cover, it protects my wedge from spills and works to keep out dust and other allergens. It is easy to throw in the wash and then put back on my pillow.

For big spills, I have realized that a wedge pillow cover with a zipper and a wedge pillow case are something I like to have more than one of. If a spill soaks through the wedge pillow case down to the zipper cover, it is nice to have an extra set of both. Then, I don't feel pressured to wash them immediately. I just put my extra case and cover on and keep using my wedge like nothing ever happened!

Fabric makeup of a triangle pillow case and cover

I prefer a wedge pillow case made from cotton. Typically, these come in a cotton/polyester blend which prevents the pillowcase from shrinking. This fabric makeup is ideal for comfort and for holding up in the wash. The softness of the fabric on my skin makes me never want to leave my pillow wedge!

The wedge pillow cover with a zipper can be made of many different types of fabrics. I have found that my favorite textures are either a cozy Sherpa fabric or a luxurious velour fabric. These fabrics make it easy to slip the pillowcase to slip on. They also wash and wear well. Stains are removed easily with light treatment.

Using both a wedge pillow case and a wedge pillow cover offers two layers of protection to your wedge pillow. These protective barriers protect the high-quality foam found in your wedge and ensure that the wedge will last. They also provide a double barrier against dust mites which will help you with allergies.

Hopefully you have learned how a pillowcase for wedge pillow is a necessary accessory that takes optimal care of your wedge- so your wedge can take optimal care of you!

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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