Long Triangle Pillow

Long Triangle Pillow 

A long triangle pillow is a great option if you are a side sleeper looking to sleep elevated. There are many benefits to using an extra long wedge pillow, and we will explore some of them today.

Purpose of a long triangle pillow

A long triangle pillow gives your body extra support when you sleep on your side. The contours hug your curves and support your spine correctly while you sleep. A long bed wedge also alleviates hip pain. Because the wedge itself is so long, the outside of your hip will rest on a cushion of memory foam. This extra cushion relieves pressure from the outside of the hip you sleep on.

A long triangle pillow also provides enough torso elevation to relieve acid reflux. Many doctors recommend sleeping elevated and on your left side if you have acid reflux at night, and the best way to do this is to use a long foam wedge.

Additionally, a long bed wedge is ideal for those with who struggle with snoring or sleep apnea. The recommended sleeping position for both conditions is to sleep on your side and elevated. A long triangle pillow will help you sleep in the doctor recommended sleep position for each of these conditions.

Design elements of an extra long wedge pillow

A long triangle pillow should be at least 36 inches long and 8 inches at its highest point. This length ensures the incline of the wedge is gradual enough to be both comfortable and functional. This length also ensures the wedge is long enough to support your head and neck as well as cushion the hip that you sleep on.

A long triangle pillow should also have specially designed contours. These contours match the curvature of the side of your body and function to support your spine correctly while you sleep on your side. This is especially important for anyone with back or hip pain.

Make sure that your extra long wedge is topped with at least one inch of memory foam. The memory foam adds an additional element of comfort by helping the wedge conform to your individual curves. When your body is supported correctly, you have the best chance at getting a good night’s sleep.

An extra long wedge always needs a leg separator pillow to go with it

Don’t sleep with a long triangle pillow without a leg separator pillow! If you do, you will be leaving the lower half of your body unsupported. Anytime you sleep on your side, you should always have a supportive leg separator pillow running from your pubic bone to past your feet. This makes sure that your leg muscles are not pulling on your hips and low back while you sleep.

A long triangle pillow is a must have for side sleepers looking to sleep elevated and on their side. The length, the contours, the elevation, and the memory foam provide the ultimate sleep experience.

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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