How to Use A Wedge Pillow for Legs

How to Use A Wedge Pillow for Legs 

You can easily learn how to use a wedge pillow for your legs with just a few tips! As a physical therapist, I have extensive practice and knowledge in the use of leg wedges and am going to help you learn how to use one correctly.

Picking out a leg wedge

First, to know how to use a wedge pillow for legs, you must know what type of leg wedge you need. To figure that out, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have trouble with your feet or legs swelling?

2. Do you have pressure points, trigger points, or tender points on the backs of your legs?

3. Do you have varicose veins, diabetes, neuropathy, or congestive heart failure?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you would benefit from daily use of a contoured leg wedge pillow. A contoured wedge pillow for legs is angled so that your feet are at the highest point of the wedge. Elevating on this wedge for 20 minutes a day allows for an optimal increase in circulation and is the most effective way to reduce leg swelling.

The contours also provide comfort for even the most tender legs by taking pressure off of any tender spots or pressure points. The contours cradle your legs and calves in a way that supports them without causing any pain. 

If you have none of the medical conditions listed above and are looking for a leg wedge pillow with the primary purpose to help you sleep with your legs elevated, choose a knee wedge pillow. A knee wedge pillow helps with circulation and keeps your knees in a position ideal for them to rejuvenate overnight.

A knee wedge pillow is also ideal if you have any back pain issues. It positions your legs in a way where your back and hip muscles are at an ideal resting position. It also positions your lower back so that it is completely relaxed.

Always remember, above all else, this is YOUR leg wedge. Use these tips as guidelines, but ultimately choose which wedge to get based on your body and what you are going to find comfortable! For example, you may have varicose veins but find a regular knee wedge pillow works better for you. And that is great! Choose what works best for YOU!

How to use a wedge pillow for your legs

When learning how to use a wedge pillow for your legs, be sure to learn how to position it correctly. A correctly positioned leg wedge will look like the following:

1. Your heels should be hanging off the end of the wedge

2. If the wedge is contoured, position the back of your knee on the highest point of the first contour. Your calf should be resting in the dip in between the two “peaks.”

3. If the wedge is a flat leg wedge pillow, position the back of your knee on the bend of the wedge.

Additionally, be sure to use your leg wedge consistently. Whether you are using it to combat swelling or to relieve back pain, consistent use is key to progress. To combat swelling, use your wedge 15-20 minutes each day. To relieve back pain, sleep with it each night.

Learning how to use a wedge pillow for legs is critical for you to have a good experience with your wedge pillow! Take these tips and enjoy your new leg wedge!

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy


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