How to Pick Out a Reading Wedge Pillow

How to Pick Out a Reading Wedge Pillow 

A reading wedge pillow will make you so comfortable, you won't be able to stop reading! Here is what to look for in a wedge pillow for reading in bed, and 2 books that will keep you up all night.

What to look for in a reading wedge pillow

The ideal height for a reading wedge pillow is 10 inches. This provides enough support for your back while giving you the right amount of recline for you to sit up in bed and read. Additionally, it is enough height that if you choose to read lying down on the wedge pillow, you can do so comfortably.

A wedge pillow for reading in bed should also have a memory foam topper. The memory foam topper gives you maximum comfort by supporting you where you need it. Make sure the base of your incline pillow contains firm, polyurethane foam. This gives you maximum support and shape retention.

Maximize comfort with a knee wedge pillow

Additionally, combining a knee wedge pillow with your reading wedge pillow offers you the ultimate relaxation experience. This ensemble takes the pressure off your low back, hips, and knees so you feel like you are floating. When you support every body part, it allows you to concentrate on what you do best, reading. 

Book recommendations 

Once you have your reading wedge pillow, here are a couple books that may just keep you up all night.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

As a genre, historical fiction weaves knowledge and fantasy together to teach and entertain.  Kristin Hannah is the queen of historical fiction, and The Nightingale is one of the best. The setting of The Nightingale is the World War II German occupation of France. It is the story of the struggle of two sisters to survive the war while healing from past wounds that have separated them. You will encounter immense bravery, unforeseen tragedies, hidden strength, and ultimate reconciliation. You will be moved, inspired, grateful, and in awe of the unforeseen heroes, both men and women, who fought during World War II.

The Water Keeper by Charles Martin

The Water Keeper delves into the world of human trafficking, giving readers insight into this horrific practice. The reader joins the complicated life of Murphy Shepherd, a man of mystery, modesty, introspection, and unbridled heroism. As you follow along his journey, you meet heartfelt friends, tragedy, and feel hope that heroes like Murph are successful at rescuing our fellow men and women who are trapped in the depths of horror. The sequel to The Water Keeper is The Letter Keeper and it promises to not disappoint!

A reading wedge pillow and a knee wedge pillow can be your new close companions, accompanying you on all your future reading journeys! 

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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