A Foam Triangle Wedge: The Most Overlooked Home Remedy for Puffy Eyes

A Foam Triangle Wedge: The Most Overlooked Home Remedy for Puffy Eyes 

How is sleeping on a foam triangle wedge one of the best treatments for puffy eyes? Keep reading to learn more about the science that no one is talking about!

Why typical home remedies for eye bags do not last

We have all heard about different home remedies for eye bags: green tea bags on eyes, a cold compress for eye bags, and even putting silver spoons over your eyes! These methods do work to reduce undereye swelling and calm redness, but the effects are temporary. You wake up the very next morning with…..surprise! Puffy eyes.

To get lasting results, we’ve got to address an issue that is often overlooked. Sleep position. Think about it, when are your eyes the puffiest? When are your under-eye circles the darkest? That’s right, in the morning. Why? Could it be how you are sleeping?

How sleep position effects puffy eyes

When you sleep flat, whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or on your back, gravity causes fluid to pool in your sinuses. We usually think of our sinuses as just our nose, but your sinus cavities surround your eyes too. This is why eye pain and puffiness often accompany a sinus infection.

When you are sick with a cold or sinus infection, doctors recommend you sleep with your torso elevated on a wedge pillow and NOT flat. This is because when you sleep flat, gravity causes the fluid and mucous to pool in your sinuses, making symptoms worse. On the contrary, sleeping elevated on a foam triangle wedge increases the fluid circulation throughout your sinus cavities so you wake up with a clearer nose and less puffy eyes.

Foam triangle wedge- the most overlooked home remedy for puffy eyes

We know that sleeping on a foam triangle works to relieve sinus symptoms, but why do we only do this when we are sick? It stands to reason that one way to reduce morning eye puffiness is by sleeping slightly elevated on a foam triangle wedge. This way, we use gravity to decrease fluid accumulation in our sinuses.

Sleeping elevated on a triangle foam wedge pillow will elevate your head enough to minimize gravity’s ability to pool fluid in your sinuses, which includes under your eyes. This increase in circulation will help to minimize eye puffiness. You can even find a memory foam triangle pillow that is specifically designed for you, whether you sleep on your back or on your side!

Instead of trying to find a bunch of different home remedies for eye bags, which are really just morning damage control, sleep with a foam triangle wedge! Harness the power of gravity, increase the circulation in your sinuses, and watch that eye puffiness disappear!

-Hillary Blare, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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